As a health and clinical psychologist I offer psychological counselling and support to adults and adolescents. It goes without saying that confidentiality is for me a deontological priority.

Temporary personal difficulties, which can be dealt with successfully via my professional help and my collaboration with the patient, include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • chronical stress
  • burnout
  • trauma
  • somatization
  • pain complaints
  • tinnitus
  • ...

More complex complaints can definitely also be handled efficiently.

I listen carefully to the patient, analyze together with him the different elements of his individual problem, explain scientifically validated treatment options – adapted to his specific question and personality – and accompany him – using the jointly chosen approach – in his quest for mastering the current difficult phase and for recovering his vitality, inner balance and health.

Aspects of

  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) [this therapy allows to elaborate individual methods to correct burdening thoughts and emotions, inappropriate personal attitudes and behavior patterns, and to finally solve the existing problem],
  • trial-based cognitive therapy (TCT) [this therapy allows to elaborate individual methods to work on so-called schemes or negative convictions in order to change inappropriate and burdening personal behavior patterns],
  • acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) [this recent therapy form combines mindfulness, consent, personal values and active promotion of behavioral change, and thus induces an increased mental adaptability], as well as of
  • hypnosis [according to Milton Erickson; the goal is to enable the patient, during a state of deep inner relaxation, to alter his individual attitudes and evaluations in order to organize his personal perception and behavior in specific situations in a meaningful way],

are part of my professional approach. They enable the patient to rely on own resources, to activate them, and to recover his well-being.

Efficient techniques, which I may – on request – integrate in my treatment, are:

  • Self-hypnosis, and
  • progressive muscle relaxation.

With these techniques, the patient learns to trigger body relaxation consciously and to thereby reduce significantly unpleasant symptoms of mental and physical unrest.

The duration of one consultation-hour is 50 minutes. The number of needed sessions depends on the problem to resolve, as well as on the motivation of the patient to implement changes.